Porto Miyajima TOP ▶ COURSE

Miyajima is a beautiful island covered
with virgin forest and endowed
with a natural coastline.
Why don't you get away from the crowds and go
for a walk or ride a bicycle?
You will find your own Miyajima.

Adventure Course
(East to south area from the port)

The area east of the port, opposite the city, is a hidden area where few tourists go.
You can see a herd of wild deer, play in the water on the beach, and so on.
It is recommended for those who really want to relax.

A Place worth seeing.

Suginoura(1.6km from Miyajima Port)

A quiet fishing port with calm waves. The view of oyster farms lined up along the sea, which is typical of the Seto Inland Sea. During the season (October to the end of April), the oysters are being shipped.

Tsutsumigaura Nature Park(3.4km from Miyajima port)

A multi-purpose park that includes a campground, swimming beach, and tennis courts. You can enjoy seasonal scenery.

Irihama Beach(6.6km from Miyajima port)

White sand and green pine trees remain, which are rare in the Seto Inland Sea, and you can enjoy the beauty of many islands such as Nomi Island and Ogurokami Island. Local people visit the beach in mid-summer for swimming. It is a quiet beach where you can only hear the sound of waves. Takanosuura Shrine is located in the center of the beach.

Large gravel(8.5km from Miyajima Port)

The end of the road. As the name "Oojari" suggests, there are large granite rocks lying on the beach. On the north side, there are two farms with a view of the sacred mountain, Mt.Misen.


  • In Suginoura, there is a SUP and kayak guide called "SUP Miyajima".
    In addition to offering experience, they also provide inflation and water service (it is better to contact them in advance).
  • South of Tsutsumigaura, the road turns into a mountain road that is passable for about one car.
    There are no public toilets.
  • From the end of the road, go to the north side and you will find a private accommodation facility called Miyajima Farm.
    You can take a break and use the restroom and water supply (it is better to call in advance).

Outskirt course
(West area from the port)

E-bikes make it easy to go to places that are too far to walk,
such as the trailhead of Mt.Misen and the aquarium.
It is recommended for people who go to stores a little farther away or enjoy forest bathing.

A Place worth seeing.

Momijidani Park

In autumn, the park is filled with 700 beautiful autumn leaves. After the cherry blossoms in spring, the park is surrounded by fresh greenery in summer. The park is a major attraction of Miyajima throughout the year. It is also the starting point for climbing Mt.Misen.

Omoto Park

The park is located to the west of the Miyajima Aquarium. A pleasant and quiet place with fir trees growing along the coastline. There is a free rest area in the park.

Daishoin Temple

The oldest temple on Miyajima, founded by Kukai (Kobo Daishi) in 806. The temple was loved by influential people of the time such as Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Ito Hirobumi. Many tourists come to see the beautiful buildings and gardens. The trailhead to Mt.Misen.


  • Omotesando (shopping street) is busy with many walkers from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., so please refrain from riding bicycles.
  • Because of the narrow streets in the center of town, do not park in front of stores without the permission of the stores.
  • There is a one-day bathing facility at the "Mori no Yado" near Omoto Park. It is a great place to refresh yourself after climbing mountains or cycling.